Thursday, August 2, 2007

Amber is the color of your energy

Blaker and I have a dear friend in Chapel Hill who claims that he can see one's aura. It apparently radiates around him or her, bright and glowing, in a color that is reflective of his or her inner self. He told me once that Blaker's aura is yellow, like sunshine. Mine is bright blue. Because it was late, we were at Cat's Cradle listening to Edwin McCain, and we were probably both very inebriated, he did not explain what either color means, so I don't know if these are good or bad. On the bright side, I love blue, so at least I didn't get stuck with a nasty orange or brown aura, regardless of what they mean. (I also occasionally wonder if our children have green auras, since they are a mixture of us. But it probably doesn't work that way, and I think Jack once told me that Bellamy has a purple aura anyway.)

Thinking of Jack and his aura-spotting reminds me of other old friends. I've semi-recently reconnected with people dear to me from my past (hello Whit, Gina, and Corey) and it's been grand. It's funny to me how drastically we've all changed, but fundamentally, we must be somewhat the same because we just sort of picked up where we left off years ago. It's sort of like we are all amplified now. Which actually makes me enjoy them all even more. But it seems so strange that I can love so many people that are just so damn different.

Blaker and I attended his 15-year high school reunion two weeks ago where I met many of his old friends. They all seemed so......square. (Okay, I know that is a seriously outdated and uncool word, but it's appropriate. Trust me.) Blaker isn't like that AT ALL. Most of the friends that Blaker has made within the last decade seem pretty engaging. Which makes me wonder what's going on. Did Blaker used to hang out with really boring people, or did they all become that way as they became adults? Or, could it be that my friends are all just, um....colorful? (My family will tell you in a heartbeat that I'm a psycho magnet. I say this with absolute pride, as psychos are terribly interesting.) Also, should one gauge one's weirdness factor by the weirdness factor of one's friends?

And, most importantly, do you know what color your aura is?