Friday, August 25, 2006

My Best Girls

Tonight two of my favorite girls are coming to see me for the weekend--Ray and Morgan. Now, Ray and I go way back. Ray, Blaker and I were the original Chapel Hill version of the Fantastic Four (minus one, because there are only three of us, not four--but the Three Muskateers is way too cheesy--Fantastic Four sounds much better). We were always late for everything (including class and graduation), took horrible liberties with breaks (our 5 minute bathroom break usually involved walking four blocks to Starbucks, getting a mocha, and meandering back, from time to time stopping at Lighyears to shop for jewelry on the way), occasionally snuck alcohol into lectures, and could at any time in the morning, afternoon, evening, or night be found in a bar on Franklin Street or at Breadman's having pancakes (hung over from being at the bar on Franklin Street). It was awesome.

As for Morgan, well, she's a youngin'. Since she was only 13 when we were living this crazy rockstar life, she was probably tucked safe in her pretty pink bedroom playing Barbies or something. (Right--who am I kidding--Morgan was probably drunk, high and getting tattooed while simultaneously having sex with some guy named Spike when she was 13.)

Anyway, what's the point to this? I'm excited to see my girls. And there's no telling what kind of trouble we'll end up causing for Richmond this weekend. Should be good stuff.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

The Ex Factor

In the near future, Blaker and I are going to King's Dominion with one of my favorite people in the whole world--his ex-girlfriend, Heidi.

Most people think it's extremely weird that Heidi and I are pals. She and Blaker dated off and on for close to a year, sometimes serious, sometimes not, back around '99. They've been friends since, which is perfectly normal for Blaker. And honestly, I think it's cool. Heidi is pretty, smart, funny as hell, and has fantastic taste in shoes. She helped out at our wedding, has spent weekends with us, and we've spent weekends with her (both together and alone). I have not one ounce of jealously or dislike regarding Heidi. Or, actually, any of Blaker's ex-girlfriends (there is one exception regarding the dislike, but she's rather unpleasant and luckily, they haven't been friends in years due to her nasty disposition). I've met a lot of them, and they seem like a pretty decent lot. There are always reasons for a slight bit of awkwardness between us, I guess (yes, Random Ex L, I've seen the pictures of you (you know which ones....)--you're lucky I took them out of the photo album before anyone else saw them; Random Ex K, that's some really bad poetry, honey.... ), but no reasons for us to not get along or even be friends. I figure, Blaker is a phenomenal person--if he thought enough of someone to date them, then why wouldn't I like them?

That's part of being a grown-up--learning to be objective and accept. I'm happy to be there (now if I could achieve adult status in some other areas of my life, I'd be in business). I'm also happy to have made some extremely cool friends in the process.

I can't wait for Heidi to come see us. King's Dominion, here we come.

Saturday, August 5, 2006

And now I know my way around a stick

Today I learned something new. Today I learned how to drive a stick.

Back in January when Sutton was 8 weeks old, he got really sick. Blaker took him to the ER in the middle of the night because his fever was so high, and I had to stay home with Bellamy, who was sleeping. Blaker drove my car because that's where Sutt's carseat was located. After hours of awful tests (blood work, catheters, spinal taps), Sutton was diagnosed with meningitis. Nobody was sure if he was going to live. And where was I? Stuck at home with only Blaker's car to drive, which was a stick. I was horribly upset, and didn't want to try to learn to drive his car with Bellamy there and while I was such an emotional wreck. I had to find a random neighbor to drive me to the hospital (an hour away). A random neighbor who thought I was crazy because I was running through the neighborhood in January in my pajamas, no shoes, crying hysterically, carrying Bellamy, trying to find someone to drive me all the way to St. Mary's.

I vowed I would never be in that position again.

Today, Blaker took my car and hauled both of the babies to Durham to visit his crazy mother. All of my planets must have been in alignment or something, because I was able to stay home. (Whoo-hoo! No mother-in-law time for me!!) Of course, he had to take my Xterra because both of the carseats won't fit in his VW GTI. So I took advantage of the situation. I waited until they were gone, strapped myself in and took off. I figured if I could drive a stick through Saturday traffic in Richmond, I would never be scared to drive it again.

Know what? I did it. And I didn't crash, run over anyone, or stall the car.
That's one more thing to cross of my list of stuff to learn before I kick the bucket. Way to go, Me.