Friday, July 31, 2015

Like I Said Yesterday...

Several months ago, I received an email from a lady named Jody who lives in Alabama and who invited me to join her home owner's association "Neighborhood Circle" site.  I ignored it, thinking Jody would realize that she had sent the email to the wrong address, until I received two more requests within a week.  After that happened, I replied to Jody and explained very nicely that she was sending the emails to the wrong person--I do not, nor have I ever, nor WILL I ever, live in Alabama.  I am most definitely not a resident of her neighborhood.  Please remove me from your neighborhood email list.  She responded to my email almost immediately, apologized, and told me that she would take me off the list right away.

Two weeks later, I got an email inviting me to a neighborhood cookout.  Once again, I very nicely emailed Jody and reminded her that I was NOT whomever she thought she was emailing, and that I would like to be removed from her contacts.  She responded within five minutes or so, apologized, and told me it would be taken care of.

Last week, while we were in Hilton Head, I got an email from Jody with suggestions regarding how they should treat the neighborhood pond, which apparently has a terrible algae problem.  I replied AGAIN (for the fourth time now), still politely but a bit more emphatically and said YOU HAVE THE WRONG ADDRESS.  PLEASE REMOVE ME FROM YOUR LIST AND YOUR CONTACTS.  THANK YOU.  Very quickly she emailed back and told me she was SO sorry, it would be handled right away.


Two days ago I got the following photo and message in my inbox from Jody:

It's Cappy's Sweet Sixteen!!!!

This is a copy of my reply email:

Oh, happy Sweet 16, Cappy!  I've been working on his gift for a while, but I wanted to give it to him in person.  WHEN CAN I COME OVER???  I bought him a jaunty little felt hat that I've been embroidering to match the needlework on his suspenders that I carry in my Etsy shop.  Have you ever VISITED my Etsy shop?  It's Cat-tabulous!  It's good that he's lived this long because I am just SO SLOW at embroidery!  But that Cappy-- he's worth all the sweat and tears and time I've spent, late at night, plugging away at my birthday needlework!  Such a sweet little pussy!  He's going to look so dapper!  Are we having him a party?  What can I bring?  I make a tuna fish casserole that is just OUT OF THIS WORLD that I bet he would love!  OOH, WE SHOULD TAKE HIM AND HAVE GLAMOUR SHOTS DONE IN HIS NEW OUTFIT!  SO exciting!  I definitely want a copy of one for my living room-- maybe on a canvas?  He's just so photogenic!!!!  LOVE HIM!

Jody has not replied to me this time.  It's been over 48 hours.  

I thought we were friends.

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