Wednesday, October 10, 2012

All Your Prayers Have Been Answered

Alright, everybody. 

For years now, you guys have been telling me to write a book.  Well, high five for Haley, my tome of genius is under construction.  Please start saving up your money now to purchase multiple copies because I am not only certain that it will be published, but also positive that it will be ON THE FUCKING NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER LIST INDEFINITELY.  Otherwise, I wouldn't waste my time.

In the meantime, I ran into a problem-- I miss blogging, but don't have the time or extra material to use in Starrtrippin', which is why I have not written much lately.  After careful consideration, I am granting what I pretty much KNOW would be your one wish if you were trapped on a desert island-- HALEY IS STARTING A REVOLUTIONARY NEW BLOG.

The new blog WHAT WOULD HALEY DO is an advice column for the world at large-- how to navigate through your days HALEY-STYLE.  (You're all like, "Fuck yeah!  That's the best idea EVER.  Let's go have a drink and celebrate!"  It's okay.  I encourage day drinking.  And recreational drug use.  Particularly if you are planning to take your kids duck pin bowling in Portsmouth.)

I encourage my readers to FUCKING PARTICIPATE in this new venture.  The blog address is:

and I will start giving my stellar advice as soon as you start emailing me shit to write about.  Please send it to:

In the meantime, never fear, Starrtrippin isn't dead, it's just taking a back burner (um, not that it was ever really a front burner, but my theory is that if I wrote more often than I do, you would be overwhelmed with my awesomeness and COULDN'T FUCKING HANDLE IT).


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