Monday, March 15, 2010

(Un)Comfortably Numb

I'm told it's March.

I didn't actually realize this in the kind of way that allows it to sink in until I was at the bank getting something notarized last Friday and the notary kept screwing up the date. Then she started laughing and talking about how she couldn't believe it was already March.

Well, hello, March. I'm so glad you came.

Do you ever wonder what makes "good" good and what makes "bad" bad? Like, who decided that stuff anyway? Who was it who had the authority to make those decisions? To decide that if you don't yell at your kids and feed them properly you're a good mother, if you don't sleep around you're a good husband, if you don't FaceBook at work you're a good employee?

It's sure as hell nobody I would have enjoyed knowing.

You see, I have my own ideas of what constitutes good and what constitutes bad. They may not always match the world's proverbial moral compass, they don't necessarily follow the Bible or the Constitution or the Golden Rule. But, you know, that's pretty much the norm for me. I think it takes more than making sure your kid eats his or her broccoli to make you a good Mom. And I don't think if I accidentally swear in front of them it makes me a bad one (nor does it make me a bad Mom if I swear on purpose). I think honor comes from being true to yourself, and respect is something that we have to work for, but not always in the way that we think we should. There is a lot in this world we can do, make, have--but we have far too many rules that we try to follow. Words change, thoughts change, feelings change. People change. You don't have to hurt anyone else, but you do have to be fluid. You have to be malleable. You have to take what you're given and make it yours.

Just like time.

Hello, March.

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