Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today has been an interesting day.

First of all, I snapped awake this morning in a panic, thinking there was something big I should remember that I had going on today. Not so much. More that I have a friend who had something big going on today, and I suspect that was on the forefront of my mind. Second of all, I dressed and stepped outside, only to discover that it was FREEZING and I was not dressed appropriately. Oh, and that I had locked my keys in the house (we have a spare, but it is NOT easy to come by). After dropping Belly at school I realized that I had forgotten Sutt's bookbag, which lead to high emotional drama on his part (he inherited my OCD, which includes an extreme distaste for forgetting things) leading to the creation of an Imaginary Bookbag. This was followed by an excessively un-fun doctor's appointment, the discovery of a Corvette in a cow pasture, a discussion of babydolls and ghetto retirement homes with my mother (again, don't ask), and a horribly distraught 6-year-old who spent the entire afternoon in tears over the words of some punk-ass first graders.

I am, honestly, a generally eloquent, intelligent, steadfast woman. I back down from nothing (except snakes--even the little ones) and am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. I'm just having a difficult day. Somewhere, someone (possibly someone I know) is having the best day of his or her life. Happiness, good fortune, and wonder abound. For this, I am happy, but I wish the universe would spread the love a little. Seriously.

Maybe February will be my month.

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