Wednesday, November 25, 2009


A list of random thoughts today on which I've unfortunately wasted valuable time and thought processes:

1. Why isn't there a better set-up for pediatric offices? I appreciate the separate sick/well waiting rooms, but what happens when you have a sick kid and are also forced to bring a well kid along too? Why does the well kid have to be exposed to the sick kid germs all because they are both too young to be left in a waiting room alone while you wait with the other? Am I a bad Mommy if my son gets H1N1 because my daughter potentially has strep throat? Why the fuck didn't I just become a pediatrician in the first place? Oh, yeah. I don't like kids. But still. It might have been worth it.

2. I should have made these jeans into cut-offs back in the summer. I mean, dude, they are totally ripped along the hem and it's not like I don't have more jeans. But what if I cut them off and then hate them? What if they are better as jeans than cut-offs? Does it really matter anyway since I paid $12 for them about 4 years ago?

3. Why is the FedEx dude delivering out of a Hertz-Penske truck?

4. Is it bad that I've finished off the Viognier by 4:30 and just cracked open a bottle of Merlot? After all, I HAVE had a hard day, and I AM lucky enough to be alone tonight. Will I feel guilty tomorrow for drinking most of my calories for the day? Does string cheese actually count as a meal? Because if not, I haven't actually eaten today. Maybe I should have eaten today.

5. Damnit, why can't the neighbor kid JUST PUT ON SHOES? It's 55 degrees outside, and she's not wearing shoes. She's going to get pneumonia, or worse yet, frostbite, and then I'm going to feel guilty because I didn't wrestle her down and put shoes on her.

6. Wow. Two glasses of wine on an empty stomach is really effective.

**pause for a long thought process and consideration regarding #6**

7. If I had to be ranked on a scale of 1-10, taking into consideration just my looks, then just my personality, then a combination of both, what would I rank? Which one would rank the highest? Should my brain factor in? I wonder how many brain cells have died since I became a parent?

And THIS, my friends, is a taste of why I'm difficult to love (well, at least ONE of the reasons). Despite keeping it to myself most of the time, I'm neurotic. Obviously.

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