Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Clocking Out

One day while I was bored, I Googled the word "death" just to see what happened. Of course, I received about ten zillion results, ranging from "explaining death to young children" to necrophilia (ew, gross). Since I bore easily, I only made it through the first two pages of sites, but something on Page Number Two caught my eye. Death Clock. Apparently, there is a website you can visit at, at which you enter a few pertinent details about yourself and IT TELLS YOU WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO DIE. Insane? Maybe.

Want to hear the kicker?

The few people close to me that I've lost (Dad, my Grandpa) were listed as already deceased when I entered their info. Their death dates were incorrect, but still. Craziness. My own date of future demise? July 15, 2031. That will put me at 54 years old, which is approximately 22 years older than I expected to live (I still hold true to the belief that I shall die while I'm 32) but young, nonetheless. According to Death Clock, my mom, my husband, and pretty much everyone I know will outlive me. Hell, I even went back a few times and re-entered my information, and apparently the best I can hope for is 63 years old, tops.

Kind of makes you want to go base jumping and spirituality seeking, right?

On the deathclock site, you enter your date of birth, sex, outlook, body mass index, and whether or not you are a smoker. While I believe there are many other things that play into one's demise (being hit by a bus, having a meteor fall out of the sky, being struck by lighting while lying in church) you can't help but wonder how much accuracy comes in tidy little Internet packages.

At least, I can't.

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