Thursday, March 12, 2009

Y Me?

We just got home from a family trip to the YMCA. I love the Y. It's clean, it's big, it has lots of cool stuff in it, and best of all, you get FREE CHILDCARE FOR UP TO TWO HOURS!!! For a girl who hates the idea of scheduled exercising, I totally dig a trip to the Y. However, there is one small thing that really bothers me--CNN.

Being a reasonably intelligent girl, I like to keep at least mildly abreast of current events. With that said, finding the time to read a newspaper or watch the news on television is tough to do when you have two little kids, two dogs, a handful of commitments, and a house to run. I read Newsweek once a week, and that's about as informed as I get on my own. Until I located the holy grail of treadmills at the Taylor Bend YMCA, tucked down at the end of a row, nice and inconspicuous, and parked neatly in front of the tv tuned to CNN.

(Side note: I must now interject, for those of you who don't know me well, that I am a MULTI-TASKER to the extreme. I never do just one thing at a time. It's rare that I only do TWO things at a time. I operate at my best when I am under moderate to extreme stress, and doing about seven things at once. So the idea of being on the treadmill AND getting my news fix at the same time is wonderful, because part of my hesitency to exercise is due to it seeming like a gigantic waste of my precious time. If I take a book and prop it up to read too, then I can finally start to relax.)

At first, all went well with the CNN treadmill. I ran. I walked. I read (the ticker on the bottom of the screen and the closed-caption dialogue). I absorbed. I burned calories AND learned what was happening in Darfur. It was great! Then the cosmos decided I was gleaning too much joy from the YMCA and decided to knock me down a notch. The closed captioning went away.

I complained to the staff. The sound was kept muted (I had my iPod on like everybody else anyway) so how was I to know what the hell was being said? They told me that the closed captioning wasn't working any longer on that set, but that there were no plans in the immediate future to replace it. I still had the ticker, but now had no idea what vitally important things Nancy Grace was saying while I burned my 300 calories. There goes my connection with the world.

I still love the Y. I still go to the Y. I still always use the holy grail of treadmills (unless it is already occupied) but I can't help but feel slightly robbed from the experience. It's just another one of those things I'm learning to live with.

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