Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ahoy Thar, Matey!

Sutton is convinced he is a pirate.

I don't mean sometimes he pretends he is a pirate, or that he wishes he could be a pirate when he grows up. I mean he actually, truthfully, believes that HE IS A PIRATE. When I ask him a question, he squinches up one eye and answers me in his pirate voice (which kind of sounds like a growl with a British accent). When I announce that it's naptime, he shouts, "Arg! No naps!" If ask if he wants to go outside and play soccer, he answers, "Arg! Soccer!" Bath time? "Arg! No baths!" Snacktime? "Arg! Snacks!" You get the idea.

Now, this seems as though it would be, at the very least, an entertaining situation, right? And yes, for a while, it was. But then it was time to register Sutton for preschool. His response when the director asked him if he was ready to start school was, "Arg! No preschool!" And yesterday when he was drawing pictures with his Daddy and I walked into the room only to hear him shout, "Arg! No mommies in my house!" it seemed much less amusing.

Perhaps we will re-enter the phase again soon where he believes that he is a Space Ranger. Until then, "Arg!"

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