Monday, November 3, 2008

Vote for me!

I dread tomorrow. Election Day is always kind of a pain. Schools are out, streets are busy, and I get to wait in line at the middle school with the two midgets until it's my turn to cast my ballot for The Lesser of the Evils. I know I should just be happy that I live in a democratic nation where I am allowed to vote, but damnit, it's just hard to look forward to the process this time.

I am not going to assail you with my political views that go on and on and on. Basic idea here: I hate Palin with a passion matched by nothing else, but Obama skeeves me out a bit. I don't know what's true and what's not, due to all the negative campaigning, and when I visit the websites that sort it all out, my eyes start to glaze over after a minute and my brain goes numb because it's so freaking boring. I can actually FEEL my IQ drop, and frankly, after having two kids, it isn't like there's much room to plummet. Since I have to vote (not voting is worse than voting for the wrong person, to me) I usually base my decision on the fact that, generally, I am a Democrat. Being diabetic, the sister of a diabetic, and someone who has had both parents diagnosed with cancer, I am a huge advocate of stem cell research and often base my vote on that if I can't make up my mind otherwise. But dude, these candidates just suck.

Which is why the midgets and I will need a large cup of coffee (perhaps with a shot of whiskey in it) before we begin the voting process tomorrow. And maybe some donuts, with Xanax sprinkles.

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vanilla said...

I totally wrote you in when I voted.