Thursday, November 6, 2008

Try Walking In My Shoes

Being a Mommy is not always the sunshine and rainbows that it's made out to be. As a matter of fact, most of the time, it's difficult and exhausting and endlessly frustrating, with those sweet Mommy moments scattered few and far between, but so overwhelmingly amazing that when they DO come, it makes up for all the hard parts. Sort of.

And then you have days like I had yesterday.

Wednesday mornings are always total chaos in my house. I'm trying to get Bellamy and Sutton dressed and fed and ready to leave the house, myself ready to go to the Bible Study group, make sure that the dogs have been taken out and put back up, and that nothing is left in any sort of situation that would contribute to the house being burned down while we're gone. All in a time frame of about thirty minutes, because I'm too damn lazy to get up any earlier.

This Wednesday, I had everything ready to go, and we were walking out the door when I noticed that Bellamy looked a little flushed. I pulled the ancient Mommy move--putting my hand on her forehead--before just giving up and digging out the thermometer. (I can never tell by touch if the kids have a fever. I don't know why I even try.) After much difficulty ("Keep your mouth closed! You have to put it under your tongue! Blah Blah Blah") we determined that Belly Bug had a temperature of at least 100. No school today. So we repeated the entire morning in reverse--take off the clothes, put back on the pajamas.... you get the idea. Just about the time we were finished, Sutt informed me that he had pottied in his "big boy pants." Of course he did. And it was not pee. And he had somehow squished it down his legs inside his pants and gotten some on the rug.

Once he had been stripped, sponge bathed from the waist down, and diapered (because he argued that he WOULD NOT use the potty, he was too "widdle" and because I was too frazzled to care if he's still in diapers when he's 14) I got out the carpet cleaner and started scrubbing the rug. As I was de-pooping the rug, Bellamy walked over and asked for juice. I looked up at her just as she coughed and, as she does about 30% of the time, forgot to cover her mouth. Mucus to the cheek, cough germs in the hair. I already had poop on my hands, so I just went and took another shower.

It was not yet 9am.

Later, after the day had continued to progress much as I had expected based on the morning's shenanigans, I was feeling pretty bad for myself. Now, I say "bad," not to be confused with "sorry." I wasn't feeling sorry for myself, it was more of a feeling of wanting to give the finger to the universe, kick fate in the proverbial nuts, shake my fist at the heavens. Sick kids (yeah, Sutt had a fever now too) on a Wednesday with a little Murphy's Law thrown in? What would make me feel better? Hmmmm....obviously, shoes. Shoes always make everything feel better.

So I went out and bought a new pair. They are awesome.

And then I wore them the rest of the day to clean the house and make dinner. My day improved exponentially after that.

Take that, Universe.

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Dan said...

Dude, that's pretty "crappy" :)

Your blog looks cool! I'll be sure to check it when I can...

Dan G