Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Thanksgiving Blog Comes Early This Year

Every year at Thanksgiving, I write a blog about things for which I am thankful. (Okay, so this is probably only the second or third year I've been a blogger, so it's not like the list is a time honored tradition or anything, but hey, it's becoming one.) This year, I'll be on the road for Thanksgiving--10+ long hours in the car with the kids on the way to TN for a week--so I decided to write the blog early, just in case I either get busy or forget to do it later. If any of you are "Haley's Annual Thanksgiving List Virgins," keep in mind that I like to use my list to recognize the little things in life that I'm grateful for, but that often get overlooked or taken for granted.


1. Cream of mushroom soup. It's great for using on meat in the slow cooker. It's essential to green bean casserole. It reminds me of my Dad, because he used to eat it when I was little. Sure, it's gray and lumpy, but so is my favorite sweater.

2. Jessica Simpson. I have no idea how involved Jess is with her shoe designs, but my new black shoes (see "Try Walking in My Shoes" blog) from her line are awesome. I can wear them for hours in total comfort and sans blisters. Jessica Simpson may be vastly annoying and under the completely misguided impression that she can sing well, but girlfriend knows her shoes.

3. Trader Joe's. Wine. Gourmet cheese. Pastry. Affordable. Enough said.

4. British words. We say "colored lights" or "clear lights," they say "fairy lights." We say "cupcakes," they say "fairy cakes." (Are you detecting a pattern here? Well, don't. I'm not obsessed with fairies. Those just happen to be the first two examples.) We say, "That's a bad idea," they say, "That's a rubbish idea." We say "bathroom," they say "loo." Also, the use of "bloody" all the time for adjective emphasis is just bloody fantastic. Now, don't get your knickers in a twist, I'm not going to pull a Madonna and start speaking with an accent and using all their words. I just love to hear them spoken by true Brits (or my friend Morgan, who is half British and currently living outside of London).

5. Go Fug Yourself. It's a website that spends most of its time critiquing the fashion sense of the Hollywood set. Depending on my mood, it can be enormously funny. Particularly if it's late at night and I'm drinking.

6. My pink Cheshire Cat Pajamas and Johnny Depp. To many of you, this sounds like an odd combination. HOWEVER, for those who know me well, you should be able to put all this together in your head and have it make perfect sense. I'll explain in Haley Shorthand. My pajamas are PINK and COMFY and covered in Cheshire Cats (he's my favorite). Cheshire Cat is from "Alice in Wonderland." Tim Burton is remaking "Alice in Wonderland" starring Johnny Depp (he's also my favorite) as the Mad Hatter. I love the Mad Hatter. I love Tim Burton. And I love Johnny Depp. And now, my favorite pajamas remind me of him, because I am eagerly awaiting the movie. See, it's like "Six Degrees of the Cheshire Cat Pajamas."

7. Digital Cameras. I recently had a disposable camera left over from a rafting trip (it was waterproof, while my Canon is not) that needed to be developed. I had to take it to Walgreens, fill out the information, pick it up a couple of days later, and it cost like $10 AND the photo quality was terrible. Since we have children, I am eternally grateful for the digital camera that I can snap away with, then delete the photos where the child has already run out of the frame, as well as email everything I want to share with others. And all for free.

8. Kindergarten. At first I was really sad that Bellamy started school. Then, after like two hours, I realized two things: 1) Doing ANYTHING with only one kid in tow is WAY easier than doing things with two; and 2) When Sutton takes a nap, I have the first free time I've had in five years. Praise you, Lord, for kindergarten.

9. "My Big Redneck Wedding." It's a reality show that comes on CMT. A camera crew follows a couple as they plan and execute the wedding of their dreams, trailer-park style. One day, I was feeling a bit depressed and ran across this show as I folded laundry. Two episodes later, my blues were gone. I saw a couple get married in their yard (no problem here, I did the same) with seats taken out of their and their friends' minivans as guest seating (they ran out of folding metal chairs), a cake with the tiers supported by cans of Natural Light, and a bride and groom who drove away in a real, live General Lee, chased by the bride's Daddy driving a Boss Hogg police cruiser, right after the groom gave a toast at the reception saying to his new bride, "I'm gonna drive you up to that there hill in the General Lee, park for a while, and get you pregnant." Priceless.

10. Body pillows. I can't sleep without Blaker tucked on one side of me, and my body pillow tucked on the other. It doesn't matter how tired I am or how comfortable the bed may be, without B and the pillow, I just can't sleep.

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