Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hey, Baby.... Any Chance You're A Libra?

I'm not a huge follower of astrology. I know my sign (Gemini) and the birth dates that correspond with all of the other signs, as well as a few of the supposed traits that go along with them. I know a little bit about what signs are romantically compatible and such. I've never checked to see if a moon was in retrograde or what position Pluto was in before I made a decision regarding something, though. It's all pretty low key--just something fun to think about.

Being a Gemini, I'm supposed to be creative, energetic, social, intelligent, occasionally shallow, fashion obsessed and TOTALLY have split personalities. I am many of those things, although social and fashion obsessed do not even remotely describe me. I'm a jeans kind of girl, and I am not particularly social. (I trick people into thinking I am, but I'm not. Ever. I do NOT enjoy large crowds, family gatherings, or meeting new neighbors. Ever. That's Blaker's territory. But, I'm digressing.) Anyway, the point of this isn't what qualities the various signs are supposed to possess. The point is that I have made an astounding discovery over the years, and that discovery is that I LOVE LIBRAS. I love Libras. I just do. Libras are the coolest people ever, and I don't even know why. It's not as though there is a certain quality I am picking up on (at least, not that I'm conscious of) or a particular trait I enjoy. There's just something about those crazy Libras that meshes well with me.

Due to my unsocial nature, I am not a person who goes around befriending people right and left. My friendships are careful, calculated. I have many acquaintances, but only a small handful of people with whom I feel I can open up and be myself with. Of those few people, most of them are Libras. Michael, my dearest and most beloved friend since I was a teenager--birthday, October 8th. Jennifer, my amazing friend for years whom I met through a diabetic magazine pen-pal article (and who actually just left my house after a 3-day visit)--birthday, October 19th. Madame Angie, who is the Kentucky version of me (which makes her AWESOME)--birthday, October 10th. Then there's my Gina, a relationship that dates back to high school and who is one of my favorite people ever--birthday September 22 (please note that some people consider her birthdate to be that of a Virgo, but not the dates I follow). There are more, but I assume you are getting the picture.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have a few friends whom I would give my life for, and who are not Libras. Rebecca is a Taurus, and I'm usually not thrilled with Tauruses, but Rebecca is the best. Then there is Blaker, whom I love with my whole being, and who is an Aries. (I have little experience with Aries, except to notice that they all seem to be bull-headed, bossy, and want to be in charge all the time. Blaker's lucky I love him so much because that crap gets old.) Which means that being a Libra is not required for me to love you, but it surely helps.

On the flipside, I have learned from much experience that I do not like people of the Pisces sign. They all seem to be strange and flaky, give off an odd vibe, and I just do not care for them, not a single one. Never have. I suppose it's possible that I have at some time in my life met a Pisces that I liked and just never knew he or she was a Pisces, but it's doubtful. I always ask people their birth date. It's a habit. Additionally, I'm not overly fond of Scorpios either, as I think they are volatile and unstable, but often enjoy watching them from a distance, sort of like a soap opera. And I have learned from repeated tragic attempts that I should never, ever be in a romantic relationship with a Scorpio. There is no greater recipe for disaster.

It has occurred to me that if I had only noticed my astrological preferences earlier in my life, I could possibly have avoided a number of unsavory relationships over the years. I could also have potentially gathered a band of Libras with whom to travel the world, merry and amok, and be living a free-wheeling lifestyle of continuous adventure. (It is with great sadness that I realize the window for these opportunities passed some time ago.) Perhaps in the future, I will make "What's your sign," the second question I ask people I meet. (You might think the first question would be "What's your name," but actually, with me, it's usually "How old are your children?")

In the meantime, are there any Libras out there?


I am... said...

Gemini here as well!

vanilla said...

OMG I'm famous!!! I made it into someone's blog and they called me AWESOME too!!!

Russ is a gemini too. He is not fashion conscious. He does kinda have a double personality sometimes.

I have never gotten along with Aries', or should I say, the one aries I dated. Total control freak who tried to track my every move. Freakeeyyy!!! I'm sure Blaker is much better than this.

I must say though that my dad is a Scorpio. I like to believe I am most like him and not my mother. Don't most women strive to be unlike their mother's. She is a Gemini too.

My new little nephew who is due early Feb. will be the only winter born of our brood and will be an Aquarius, which will be interesting to see. My sis is a Leo along with my niece. My nephew a Virgo.

I've been attracted to Capricorns alot. I once thought that was the sign I would marry. I was wrong.

There you have my astrological history and family tree. ;)

PS. You need to start reading my blogs and commenting on them.