Wednesday, February 7, 2007

When I'm a-walkin', I strut my stuff

Before I begin, I would just like to note two things:
1. The title of this blog has nothing to do with anything. I just have the Violent Femmes stuck in my head. Which, actually, isn't a bad thing because it means that I was finally able to get the fucking B-52s out of my head after Bellamy listened to "Love Shack" at least 50 times.
2. I have an incredibly bad headache, concentrated on the left side of my head. I MIGHT be having an aneurysm. And that MIGHT be okay, if it makes my headache better.

Now, onward.

I am drowning in a sea of frustration. At this very moment, my Mom is in a recovery room in Houston where a biopsy has just been performed on a tumor in her liver. Doctors think the cancer is back--from breast to liver, although we won't know the results for days. This sucks. Cancer sucks.

Sunday was my Dad's birthday. I was supposed to go home to TN to see him. I wasn't able to go because he wasn't there--he's in Houston with Mom. Thus, the cancer (or, perhaps, psuedo-cancer, depending on the results of the biopsy) wins again. The trip has been postponed.

Those are the big things that are wrong. Now for the little things.

My daughter may well be possessed by the devil, as she has decided that she is not, in fact, a little girl but, instead, a snapping turtle. She growls and snaps and won't answer to her name. I actually have to call her "Turtle" if I want her to respond. To my knowledge, she has never encountered a snapping turtle, and I don't know where this precious little phase came from.

Next, I hate Presidents Day. It screws the mail all up, which in turn, screws my brain all up. Enough said. When I rule the world, I fully intend to revamp all the holidays according to my own selfish wants and needs.

Ugh. Headache.

More later.

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