Friday, August 25, 2006

My Best Girls

Tonight two of my favorite girls are coming to see me for the weekend--Ray and Morgan. Now, Ray and I go way back. Ray, Blaker and I were the original Chapel Hill version of the Fantastic Four (minus one, because there are only three of us, not four--but the Three Muskateers is way too cheesy--Fantastic Four sounds much better). We were always late for everything (including class and graduation), took horrible liberties with breaks (our 5 minute bathroom break usually involved walking four blocks to Starbucks, getting a mocha, and meandering back, from time to time stopping at Lighyears to shop for jewelry on the way), occasionally snuck alcohol into lectures, and could at any time in the morning, afternoon, evening, or night be found in a bar on Franklin Street or at Breadman's having pancakes (hung over from being at the bar on Franklin Street). It was awesome.

As for Morgan, well, she's a youngin'. Since she was only 13 when we were living this crazy rockstar life, she was probably tucked safe in her pretty pink bedroom playing Barbies or something. (Right--who am I kidding--Morgan was probably drunk, high and getting tattooed while simultaneously having sex with some guy named Spike when she was 13.)

Anyway, what's the point to this? I'm excited to see my girls. And there's no telling what kind of trouble we'll end up causing for Richmond this weekend. Should be good stuff.

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